Restoring Balance from Within.

Whatever your circumstances, goals or dreams, the bottom line is that your life is in transition-but you can be in charge of that transition. We have found that restoring balance from within will help you handle each transition with cheerfulness and resolve with a coach like Nisa, who is not only a compassionate life coach, but who also clearly walks her talk.

Restoring balance to



If you have good health the spectrum of your Life is truly boundless. Maintaining good health requires a committed effort, perseverance, and determination and I offer you simple tools.

Coaching has been proven to help people improve their overall health in all areas. Health and wellness is a choice and a lifestyle affecting our physical and mental well being is within your reach. When we have good physical and mental health, life is limitless!

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Why Nisa King?

Whatever your circumstances, goals or dreams might be, the bottom line is that your life is in transition. Therefore, restoring balance from within will help you handle each transition smoother and easier because Nisa is not only a compassionate life coach, but also perseveres with walking her talk. The followings are her strength in helping others:

  • Improving self-care

  • Developing self-love

  • Finding your inner peace

  • Building confidence

  • Building better relationships

  • Letting go of fears

  • Learning how to process grief safely and be able to turn grief into gratitude

  • Releasing Anxiety

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Your Greatest Self.



Change is always challenging, but you can change your life if you choose that path. Be willing to do something different. Having your own Life Coach can assist you to transform your traumas, unhealthy beliefs and patterns. Once your beliefs change, your perspective will change as well. You will gain confidence and expand your awareness. You will easily achieve what you desire.

Learn how you can “choose to be balanced.” My meaning of balance includes health, wealth, emotion, and spirituality




I was struggling with self-confidence and the ability to confidently speak in front of an audience when I met Nisa through my association with Toastmasters International. She recommended to me that I go through a set of one-on-one mentoring and EFT sessions to deal with the tension and anxiety that I was dealing with at the time. Through this experience I was able to learn how to quickly and effectively deal with these negative emotions while allowing myself to relax and make the most out of my abilities. Learning how to address these feelings of tension & self-doubt through have allowed me to be more confident public speaker, toastmaster, leader & person. -- Ryan D

Nisa King

After 20 years of being a therapist and even more than that working to heal and let go of my own ego, I tried The Emotional Freedom Techniques with Nisa.  I have to tell you that I was a bit skeptical because I had tried it briefly before and it didn't seem to do anything.  However, Nisa's technique of doing intense tapping to you while you are emoting really felt like a huge release at the body level for me.  Nisa is compassionate and in tune with emotions and able to guide others to accept their emotions and let them go. I tend to hold onto to things for much too long and the emotions end up staying in my body.  After a session with Nisa, my body, mind spirit felt lighter.  I felt more open and less of a need to protect myself.  EFT made it easier to let go and forgive things from the body level--something I've needed for a long time. -- Megan, LCSW




I have often suffered from the fear of failure and lack of self esteem in some crucial work situations.   It can sometimes feel that the life of the business is riding on my back and I am incapable of carrying it.  A tough economic stretch made this worse.  I have found that remembering Nisa’s training of EFT has greatly helped me to lift myself through it all.  In tough times it has helped me to let go of some unrealistic demands that I made upon myself, to trust myself and do my best.  Thank you, Nisa. 






I signed up for Brain Gym with Nisa King hoping to become more focused and relieve anxiety. The exercises I learned with Nisa were so easy I didn't believe they could work! With time and practice, I truly began to see a difference. I achieved what I set out to do, and so much more. I now start my mornings off with a Brain Gym routine and have found an abundance of natural energy and focus I never knew I had. Nisa is a patient, motivating instructor with a contagious passion for helping others be the best they can be. I warmly recommend Brain Gym to everyone looking to transform their life. 

-Lauren F

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